Retirement communities are welcoming places for people of all backgrounds and senior living is an excellent opportunity to make new friends and connections. While there are hundreds of inclusive locations across the United States, seniors who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender (LGBTQ) may be a bit hesitant when it comes to looking for LGBTQ retirement communities because of past discrimination or social prejudice.

Common questions seniors ask include:

  • “Are there gay-friendly retirement communities near me?”
  • “Are residents and staff welcoming and accepting of LGBTQ individuals and couples?”
  • “Will I be able to share my story with other LGBTQ seniors?”
  • “What are the best LGBTQ 55+ communities for adventures, relaxation, and an enjoyable lifestyle?”

Life Care Services proudly connects seniors with LGBTQ-friendly retirement communities, and we have a wide variety of options for support, care, activities, and amenities available. We’ve put together some helpful information you can use to find the services and care you are looking for.


Use the LCS ‘Find A Community’ Tool

From New York to Oregon, seniors have more than 130 LGBTQ-friendly senior living community options to choose from in the Life Care Services network. Finding yours is simple. By using our “Find A Community” tool, seniors and their families can search for communities by state, ZIP code, and location with available living options and links to each community readily available. Our team is also happy to help you find your desired location. You will find a phone number with each community so you have your questions answered. Check out the tool to get started!

Find an LGBTQ-Friendly Community


Choose Your Desired Living Location

Retirement goals look different for everyone, but often, the city or state you want to live in is a major factor. Consider choosing a senior living community by researching the best gay retirement cities, many of which feature large populations of people who identify as LGBTQ. They also include comfortable climates, resort-style living, excellent cuisine, first-class entertainment, strong economies, and so much more.


Spend Time with Other LGBTQ Couples

Some of the best retirement cities for gay couples have outstanding senior living communities. Here, events and activities can be enjoyed together. From day trips to dinners and excursions around town, Life Care Services communities provide LGBTQ couples with lots of fun outings, many of which can be shared with other couples who have similar interests. Depending on your location, this may include a day at the lake, playing games, shopping, hiking, and numerous other events.


Have a Conversation

One of the simplest (but sometimes most difficult) ways to find LGBTQ retirement communities is to talk with leadership and staff about how you or a loved one self-identify. It’s hard to be vulnerable, but Life Care Services wants all families to know that any community within our network is accepting and educated when it comes to supporting LGBTQ seniors. We proudly provide Independent Living, Memory Care, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing services for LGBTQ residents every day and treat them with respect, which includes:

  • Using preferred pronouns
  • Keeping personal information confidential
  • Listening to concerns and taking action as necessary
  • Completing ongoing inclusivity education and training
  • Advocacy to prevent discrimination against individuals on the basis of sexual orientation and gender

In our communities, nothing less than support, friendship, and a welcoming attitude is accepted. You can find out more about our support for seniors in our related article, “Is Your Retirement Community Transgender-Friendly?


Look for LGBTQ-Friendly Events

Some of the best places for gay retirement are the best choices for any senior! Retirement communities that truly care about residents bring seniors and their families together to have new experiences, find new hobbies, and grow together as a community. Life Care Services senior living communities host customized activities that are inclusive, educational, and provide a sense of purpose for all seniors, including those who identify as LGBTQ. Additionally, many communities are located in cities where there is access to larger festivals and cultural events that lift up LGBTQ pride through celebrations.  


Find an LGBTQ-Inclusive Community with Life Care Services

Retiring is about happiness and living life to the fullest. Life Care Services works hard to make that the reality for all who choose our communities, especially LGBTQ seniors.

Good friendship. Positive experiences. New Adventures. All of these are possible in a local community near you. Get in touch with us and talk with our team about your care, support, and lifestyle needs. We’re here to help you find a community, today!